OCP’s core business and offering is to fund raise across four specialised verticals: oil & gas, power & renewables, healthcare and venture capital. We are involved in every stage of the fundraising process and pride ourselves that our uncompromising dedication achieves superior client outcomes.


In addition, we can also advise on all aspects of the fundraising process. Typically as part of our fund-raising mandate we are involved in market assessment, reviewing marketing materials, competitive positioning  (leveraging our market knowledge to position the product vis-a-vis its competitors), advising on due diligence aspects, lobbying credit committees and negotiating allocations.  Essentially we are an extension of the client’s existing investor relations’ team and fund raising efforts from the inception of the fund raising strategy to the signing of the Subscription Agreement.


We aim to ensure that appropriate investors are approached for each fundraising exercise, taking into account the specific characteristics of the particular business and unique investment opportunity.


There is an on-going dialogue with our investor base. Since inception of OCP over 9 years ago, 70%* of our investor base has shown interest and/invested in OCP projects. We aim to meet with our extensive investor base once every three months. Our relationships have been fostered and nurtured over many years.


We collaborate with a large network of people spread throughout the world, to ensure that our investor base always has a “local” contact.  We meticulously select our partners to ensure they meet and exceed the high standards we have set for excellence and professionalism and we draw on our extensive and discreet network of contacts to bridge the gap between investment cultures and our clients' needs. Currently we have collaborations with seven relationship managers based in Abu Dhabi, China, Dubai, India, KSA, Oman and Singapore.


* Data current as of date set forth on source; Source: Oberoi Capital Partners Limited





OCP’s secondary business and service offering is to source unique deal flow in the oil & gas, mining, power, renewables and healthcare space with IRRs > 15%.


At OCP we continuously screen the market for attractive proprietary investment ideas and are thus in a unique position to help both our institutional clients and Middle Eastern investors source deals In Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets; where we can provide a tailor made project search solution for a particular business or investment need;  (please note we do not however provide personal recommendations).


We have found that this OCP service offering has, over the past few years, gained momentum as more and more mega funds are being raised across the world. With multi-billion dollar commitments institutional LPs are insisting that fund managers deploy existing capital above and before raising a new fund. Essentially there is too much dry powder in the private equity space.


Over the years, OCP has developed a deep network of relationships with partners, funds, clients, investors and collaborators throughout the world which allows for unsurpassed and unique deal flow with local know how.  This deal flow spans the entire spectrum from developmental risk, construction risk and operational risk to financial close and across all verticals in private equity.





When mandated, a function of OCP’s role is to project and transaction-manage the fundraising process to help achieve a successful and robust outcome. In circumstances where OCP are part of a carve-out mandate or hired on an independent basis, OCP can offer financial structuring, management consultancy and Sharia expertise consultancy services to clients.


a) Financial Project Co-ordination


OCP aims to work with a select number of high-level financial and industry-specific experts, together providing for independent and impartial consultancy services to assist in evaluating business and investment opportunities. Whilst our team does not specifically offer definitive financial solutions, our team of experienced professionals can work closely with you to define objectives, work within your risk parameters and guide you to the most appropriate solutions, effectively acting as the first layer of due-diligence. Leveraging all our resources for each of our clients, we at OCP can prepare and revise management presentations and financial models, pre-qualify appropriate investors, pre-market select investors, schedule due diligence sessions and ultimately accompany our clients as a trusted consultant, until closing.


b) Management Consultancy Services


OCP Partners have a plethora of business, entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary expertise (accountancy, law, management, banking and compliance) from diverse business and cultural backgrounds. Between them they have worked alongside top management in a number of different companies across a range of sectors. They have worked in both interim leadership roles and advisory roles where they have helped firms solve critical business issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. OCP partners, can be hired on a consultancy or fire-fighting basis to provide objective advice and expertise to assist clients in resolving pertinent business issues; with the aim of achieving lasting and substantial improvements in performance.


c) Sharia Consultancy Services


One of the architects of the ISDA IIFM Tahawwut Master Agreement, Priya Oberoi was former head of Islamic derivatives and structured products at a major City law firm. Together with a team of industry specialists, OCP provides Sharia education to all clients and has a wealth of experience in Sharia related services. Although innovation slowed down after the collapse of Lehman’s and in the aftermath of the international financial crisis, the structuring and use of Islamic derivatives gradually started gaining momentum again in 2015. The demand for Islamic products and services will continue to grow past its current US$ 1.66 trillion to US$ 2.1 trillion* value, with governments encouraging each and every Islamic Middle Eastern and Malaysian institution to focus a de minimis of its resources on Sharia related products and services.


* 17th January 2016





Co-investments allow OCP to align its interest with that of their investing client base. Working alongside a network of trusted family offices OCP, as a club deal, can assist with allocations in the early fund raising process.




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